What I’ve Learned: Trust your peers

Looking back on my year in Writer’s Craft, I can really say I’ve learned a lot. I’ve progressed so much as a writer, and yet, I know that I can take my craft to the next level.

One of the ways to do so is to find a helpful posse of peers who are willing to give you advice during your conception. I recommend working with your true friends and family: those who will give you their honest opinion no matter, because they know it is for your own good. Don’t rely on people who are overly positive and give you fluff for feedback.

If you turn to them for help, it is for a reason. 

In my year in the course, I really benefited from my peers and their critiques. This was most evident during my first assignment of creating a short story.

These peeps were unbiased through it all and really helped me underline the flaws in my piece (as well as give me props for all that was good). 

Thus, I can really say that my short story was improved for publication thanks to my fellow peers.

Respect guys.


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One response to “What I’ve Learned: Trust your peers

  1. Jasmine St-Laurent

    I am so happy this worked for you

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